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24 October 2015 – Visit by R.I. President K. R. Ravindran

For the World Polio Day October 24th RI President K. R. Ravindran will visit Genova. A rich calendar of activities has been set up, including the outstanding concert at the Teatro Carlo Felice, the proceeds of which will be donated to the End Polio program.

Poster of the concert at the Teatro Carlo Felice
Saturday 24 October schedule
Sunday 25 October schedule

20 December 2014 — Christmas Dinner

All Club members' families joined for the Christmas dinner, with several guests. Profits from the dinner and lottery are to be assigned to the "End Polio Now" project of Rotary International and to the "Bastapoco" Association, whose President explained to the audience the results and future projects of the association.

The admission ceremony of two new members of the Club, Rita and Roberta, took also place during the dinner. Three District 2032 Exchange students found their place in the large group of young people between seven and twenty years of age: Jenafer, Keenan and Joy, hosted by the Albenga, Savona and Genova Centro Storico Rotary Clubs.

29 November 2014 — Dedication to the memory of Luigi Costa

During the 2014 Certificate handing out Ceremony at the Liceo "Giordano Bruno" in Albenga the new video projection subsystem for the Aula Magna was opened officially. It was donated to the memory of Luigi Costa by Rotary Club Albenga, by the Ponente Ligure Group Clubs and by Franco Formaggini, Assistant to the District Governor.

27 November 2014 — Thanksgiving Dinner

Thursday 27 November a Thanksgiving Dinner took place in honour of our exchange students from the USA, with the customary stuffed turkey and apple pie. The students had the opportunity to recount the story of the "Pilgrim Fathers" and the true origins of Thanksgiving.

13 November 2014 — Visit of the District Governor

On Thursday 13 November our Club received a visit from our 2014-15 District Governor, Giorgio Groppo.

5 September 2014 — End Polio Party and concert for Bastapoco

Evening beach party for the Rotary International "End Polio Now" project and for Associazione "Bastapoco" with a concert by the "Stavolta mia moglie mi manda a funk" group.

Many guests and the two inbound students of the Rotary Youth Exchange program were at the party and the following concert in Laigueglia.

"Stavolta mia moglie" in piazzetta Musso – La Stampa 5.9.2014

22-23 August 2014 — Welcome Jessica and Jenafer!

Jessica and Jenafer have just arrived to Albenga for their exchange year!

12 August 2014 — ...landed!

Vittoria and Ginevra reached their destinations in Mexico and Texas!

31 July 2014 — Students ready to leave!

On Thursday 31 July the Club meeting was held to wish a good journey to the outbound exchange students Vittoria, Ginevra and Maeve, sponsored by Rotary Clubs Albenga and Savona. A new project was presented to the audience of civilian and Rotarian authorities, members from both Clubs and the students' families, with the purpose to make the students "area ambassadors", giving them the task to illustrate the cultural and touristic masterpieces of our area during their meetings with Rotary Clubs and communities in their destination countries.

Youth Exchange Program, il Rotary rende gli studenti ambasciatori... – 1.8.2014
Il Rotary savonese porta all'estero le eccellenze del territorio – Savona News 1.8.2014
Scambi culturali con oltreoceano grazie al Rotary – La Stampa 3.8.2014
Il Rotary porta all'estero le eccellenze del territorio– Trucioli savonesi 3.8.2014

26 June 2014 — Handover Ceremony

The Handover Ceremony took place Thursday 26 June, with Giovanni Geddo taking over the Presidency from Roberto Durante for Rotary Year 2014-2015, in front of several civilian and Rotarian authorities.

Inaugural Address of the 2014-2015 President (Italian, PDF)

21 June 2014 — PHF awarded to the memory of Luigi Costa

During the 2014 Congress of District 2032 Luigi Costa was posthumously named a Paul Harris Fellow "in appreciation of tangible and significant assistance given for the furtherance of better understanding and friendly relations among peoples of the world."

21 June 2014 — Rotary International Award

During the 2014 Congress of District 2032 Rotary Club Albenga has been recognized by Rotary International with the Membership Development and Extension Award "for the contribution to Rotary membership development having achieved the highest growth percentage within District 2032 during Rotary year 2013-2014".

6 June 2014 — Rêves de Gosse at the "Panero" Airport

On June 6th the important international event "Rêves de Gosse" (Child Dreams) made a stop for the first time in Italy, organized by the French Association "Le Chevaliers du Ciel", under the patronage of the French Senate and the sponsorship of several public and private companies and associations, including Rotary International and Lions. The effort of the Chevaliers is directed towards accepting differences and involves children in school projects that culminate in each stopping place in a "baptism of flying", onboard airplanes made available by the pilots of the Association and a military transport plane of the Armée de l'Air. The stop at Villanova, an absolute first in Italy in 18 editions, must be credited to the intense effort of the Aeroclub Savona and his President, Mauro G. Zunino.

For the occasion, the Rotary Clubs Albenga and Alassio have provided their support and have taken part in the event with a stand inside the airport.

Rêves de Gosse official site

Aeroclub Savona official site

Villanova, al Panero fa tappa Rêves de Gosse: "Un sogno..." – 3.6.2014

17 May 2014 — Presentation of the book "Parole e immagini"

Binny Dobelli's book "Parole e immagini" was presented at the Auditorium San Carlo in Albenga, supported by Rotary Club Albenga, with an interview to the author by Francesco Gallea. Sales profits from the book are being wholly assigned to the Associazione neuroblastoma of the Gaslini Institute of Genova.

Video clip of the presentation (MP4)

7 March 2014 — Renewable Energy at the "Don Bosco" in Alassio

Presentation to the students of the "Don Bosco" Institute in Alassio on renewable energy sources. An energy literacy effort, highlighting several aspects of the use of energy in everyday life and how the approach to the different sources may affect our existence in the next thirty years.

Alassio, all'istituto Don Bosco incontro sulle energie rinnovabili – 5.3.2014

Renewable energy presentation (PDF, Italian, 5MB)

February 2014 — P.A.S.S. Project medical examinations

Medical examinations in the Institutes involved in the project.

16 December 2013 — P.A.S.S. Project in Albenga and Alassio

Presentation of the P.A.S.S. Project to the male students in Albenga (Liceo "G. Bruno") and Alassio (Istituto "Don Bosco").

2 December 2013 — P.A.S.S. Project in Finale Ligure and Loano

Presentation of the P.A.S.S. Project to the male students in Finale Ligure (Liceo "A. Issel", Istituto Alberghiero "A. Migliorini", IPIA "L. Da Vinci") inside the Auditorium di Santa Caterina, Finalborgo, and in Loano (Istituto "Falcone").

27 July 2013 — "Rotary for Bastapoco"

Support to the Associazione ONLUS bastapoco continues, together with the Rotary Club Alassio, hosting a concert by the "Stavolta mia moglie mi manda a funk" group in Laigueglia and the sale of local products and beer, assigning the takings to the Association.

album estate Savona – Il Secolo XIX 27.7.2013

6 April 2013 — Chartering Ceremony

The Charter formalizes the entry of the new Club within Rotary International. It bears the signature the President of Rotary International and the official seal and is granted to the Club after its formal admission.

The ceremony took place on April 6, 2013, in the presence of the Governor of District 2032, representatives of other Rotary Clubs in the District and local civil, military and religious authorities.

Nasce un nuovo Rotary Club – La Stampa 23.3.2013
Benvenuto Rotary Club Albenga – 29.3.2013
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Il Rotary Club Albenga dà il via alle proprie attività – L'Eco 8.4.2013
Consegna della Carta costitutiva del Rotary Club Albenga – 8.4.2013
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Loano immagini cerimonia inaugurale del Rotary Club Albenga – 11.4.2013